Fermentation Workshop

After the fermentation workshop, you will be able to see all the valuable services microorganisms provide to humans. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the process and the initiation to start mastering the art of fermentation on your own.
First, you’ll get a crash course on how to produce an alcoholic beverage, vinegar, sourdough or vegetables. We’ll also demonstrate fermentation in topics such as aquaponics and thermo-composting.
The art of fermentation is the number one effective and available resource on the quest for a natural quality of life and the advancement of human culture.
Part of the event consists of drinking, snacking and sampling some of our ferments, so it’s not recommended to eat just before the event.

Participate in a mural event!

Contribute to the beauty of your host city. Team up with La Gavilana’s resident artist to paint a public facade.

2 person minimum
2-5 people=small mural, $35 per person
6-9 people=medium mural, $30 per person
10+ people=large mural, $20 per person

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