Why do we use Gavilana?

Gavilana is one of the many natural resources the area of El Castillo offers up for grabs. It grows in the form of a remarkably resilient medicinal bitter plant found throughout disturbed areas, along the roads, old pastures, etc. Its powerful compounds have magically deterring effects on a wide range of harmful organisms generically called parasites and pathogens. Our fascination with the magic of the Gavilana plant is the reason we use it so actively in products for our patrons.

Neurolaena_lobata,_Jacas_Bitters,I_AGO591We create both internal and external tinctures of gavilana as well as the utilization of dry leaves.

A bitter flavor alone triggers in humans the excretion of many enzymes and processes related to digestion and elimination as well as of endorphins, a mind-calming hormones.

Gavilana, aside from being very bitter, produces compounds that are capable of cleaning GI tract, blood and skin of pathogens and parasites of many sorts. It can be used to end infections, hence reduce swellings caused by infection and fever. It is effective at curing flue, diarrheas caused by pathogens to name few. Though for severe cases of infestation with internal parasites whether in GI tract or in the blood is necessary prolonged and bit more elaborate dosing and treatment, packages we offer in the shop are good for the most common light issues; dispepsia, “traveler’s” diarrhea, common flue, “stomach” flue and “light” food poisoning, also insomnia and nervousness for internal use.

Skin conditions are easier and faster to treat as it is easier for the plant to come in contact with affected area then let’s say to penetrate into the blood stream or GI tract.

Extensive research has been done by some Centro-American universities in CR, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, etc. available on line for further info.