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Base Camp Day Tour

Explore the splendor of the rainforest surrounding Lake Arenal and the Arenal Volcano National Park as you take-off on a 2-hour hike to Base Camp for an adventure on an extremely private four-acre farm, which includes a food forest, and camping facilities, for those who wish to stay after the tour in this slice of heaven.

Big Forest Hike

Looking for something a little more extreme? Continue on from Gavilana Base Camp to Finca Maximo for another night in the rainforest, and then continue your personal adventure on to the cloud forest Santa Elena and Monteverde. Everyone who is traveling between Monteverde and La Fortuna loves to know about this unique and adventurous option of traveling. The Big Forest Hike Premium is a way of crossing the cloud forest the way our ancestors used to do, on foot and on horse back.

Waterfall Tour

If you’re staying in the area and are looking for a tour to an amazing waterfall in the middle of the rainforest – we have what you need! Enjoy a day of horseback to hiking while you visit one of the most majestic & private waterfalls in the area. With our fun and adventurous guide, you won’t leave this tour without a smile 🙂

“If you arrive in Costa Rica with a wish to melt yourself into the wild you cannot miss the Big Forest Hike. Tomas, Hanna and their intrepid guide Miguel, will throw you into the jungle with the mystery of Indiana Jones and without any feeling of being in a guided park tour.”
Alberto, May 2016