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Eating at La Gavilana

Join us for a cup of coffee and some freshly baked cookies, or stop by for lunch and get a taste of our latest culinary creations. We always have something fermenting that can accompany salads or soups, handmade pastas, fresh baked breads and much more. Using farm-to-fork ingredients from our neighboring food forests and local area purveyors, we create hand-crafted foods that are delicious and nutritious.

Should you wish to dine with us please let us know in advance as reservations are requested. Email info@gavilana.com or call 8533-7902.

Food is Medicine, Medicine is Food

Our approach to food and medicine production relies on implementing naturally available resources from the creation of a Food Forest type of landscaping. A Food Forest produces foods of wide variety and premium quality gifting us with ingredients that are rich in nutrients, enzymes and biotic content, all of which are currently not matched by any local provider in El Castillo.

With proper knowledge we should be able to survive entirely within a Food Forest.

There should be firewood, food, medicine as well as building and art materials. This is the direction in which we are moving.

What is a Food Forest?

We strongly believe in a particular way of using land, for it is not only a Food Forest but it is also a medicinal pharmacy, hardware store, giant AC unit, water storage, DNA storage and sanctuary for abundant amounts of wildlife. Like a bicycle, when you put all of the pieces together, it has an entirely new set of characteristics and function. The same happens with a piece of land like the 1.4 hectare plot of Diosa Verde where we are connecting all the pieces to build a Food Forest.

Our Food Forests

Picture yourself in the middle of a forest where almost everything around you is food. Mature and maturing fruit and nut trees form an open canopy. If you look carefully, you can see fruits swelling on many branches—papaya, avocado, bananas, guanabana (soursop), pejibaye and guava. Shrubs fill the gaps in the canopy. They bear wild berries and other lesser-known fruits, flowers, and seeds. Assorted native wildflowers, wild edibles, herbs, and vegetables cover the ground. We use many of these plants for food or medicine. Some of these plants attract beneficial insects, birds, and butterflies. Others act as soil builders, or simply help keep out weeds. Here and there vines climb on trees, shrubs, or arbors with fruit hanging through the foliage. These are the edible Food Forests of Diosa Verde and at Gavilana Base Camp just a brief walk from the front door of La Gavilana Herbs and Art.