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We are constantly creating new products at La Gavilana Herbs & Art using what’s available and what’s fresh. From tinctures to vinegars to salsas, you never know exactly what you’ll find when you visit. But one thing is for certain: you’ll always find Gavilana Bitters & El Millón Original Salsa Picante!

Gavilana Bitters

We produce Gavilana Bitters for both internal and external applications using Neurolaena Lobata (Gavilana), a bitter plant found in the wild. The juice of this plant is a versatile herbal medicine capable of treating various maladies.

In the form of a tincture, apply externally to keep skin condition at bay which may be caused by parisitic species ranging from microscopic viruses, fungi, mites, amoebas or nematodes as well as ticks, lice, fleas or mosquitoes.

Taken internally in the form of a tea, tincture or wine, Gavilana is effective against intestinal and stomach infections, parasites, viral diarrheas and much more. It is also very helpful as a general body wellness tonic.

“Bitters stimulate all digestive secretions: saliva, acids, enzymes, hormones, bile, etc. Each of these acts as a solvent to break down food for absorption and the quantity and quality of these fluids ensure proper nutrition. Inadequate production of these secretions is common in modern cultures and the implications of such deficiencies are myriad.” – Jim McDonald

El Millón Original Salsa Picante

El Millón Original Salsa Picante is readily available in our shop at La Gavilana Herbs & Art and is also offered at many local restaurants and hotels throughout the area.

La Gavilana “lab” has devised and developed two types of hot sauces depending on who we feed in the fermenting proccess. Our original is a recipe in which El Castillo natural spring water and raw sugar (to be converted in alcohol) and yeast is added to create hot pepper “wine” which we allow to be populated with vinegar bacteria we harvest at the Gavilana Base Camp food forest. Great for raw dishes like salads, salsas with chips, dressings, hard boiled eggs, cold soups, dressings, and also fruits like mango, plantain, etc.

Our newer El Millón Original Salsa Picante is a simpler two ingredient hot sauce. Hot peppers are blended in their own juices and sea salt is added in levels which give the good microbes from the peppers competitive edge causing their proliferation. The enzymes of these microbes help to produce lactic acid which together with the salt help to preserve the sauce and give it a characteristic aroma and flavor not much different from ripe cheese tones. 

“Capsaicin is a plant compound that gives hot peppers their heat. Capsaicin is so powerful that it is often used in pain-relieving topical creams.

Capsaicin also does something incredible: it causes cancer cells to undergo apoptosis, which is basically cellular suicide.”

-LIVESTRONG, The Health Benefits of Hot Sauce