Nov. 13th, 2020, El Castillo, Costa Rica

Nov. 13th, 2020, El Castillo, Costa Rica

Here are few words about the free walk excursion any one can sign up for with Gavilana Permaculture. It is for you if you are curious about and fascinated by plants. What plants can do with the environment and what they can do for humans is the theme of the excursion. The land holds native and naturalised species from wind and animal/human dispersersion. Expect also pioneer species characterised by fast growth. That is a huge advantage. It’s a free biomass for any possible application from firewood, art material to folk medicine and very importantly food for free decomposers, all sorts of insect and bacteria that will be eating all those free leaves and cellulose creating new fertile soil. Add species of plants to expand the well you can draw from, let some time go by and voila there is a forest! Animal protein is not a choice. All sorts of flying and burrowing vertebrates move in as soon as they can. In come homo sapiens.

My favorite outdoor is a forest. I love to relate to the plants in it. My DNA likely done some evolving around forests. I have a great appreciation for the combined effect a plant togetherness has on the water, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycles, air temperature and for what a stress buffer a forest is. I love to be there. It feels good to co-inhabit with other organisms that favorably regulate the climate. Being there is for me sort of socialising on interspecie level. It gives me a feeling of safety in spite of dangers associated with wildlife. I like to use plants to make a shelter, furniture, utensils, food, medicine too.

I offer a brief 1 hour excursion into one particular private “food forest”, as we like to call it, in El Castillo. It’s as suggested earlier, land formerly used for cow pasture turned into semi-wild community of organisms amongst others a forest of plants, large and small. Though still very young in terms of forest age, there is already lots of canopy formed, food produced and change to admire.

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