About Gavilana Permaculture

Welcome to Gavilana Permaculture, a thriving platform dedicated to fostering sustainable connections and promoting permaculture principles. Our journey began as Gavilana Herbs & Art and evolved into Gavilana Permaculture in response to the pressing need for a platform that unites individuals and organizations passionate about sustainable culture.

Our Purpose:
At Gavilana Permaculture, we are on a mission to create a space where people come together to learn, share, and celebrate permaculture. Our platform serves as a beacon of knowledge, connecting enthusiasts with valuable resources, ideas, and like-minded individuals.

Our Origins:
Born in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, Gavilana Permaculture emerged as a response to the economic challenges faced by our local community. Recognizing the existing network of friends and neighbors who already exchanged surplus produce, ideas, seeds, and support, we saw an opportunity to amplify this synergy. The creation of a dedicated WhatsApp group eased communication, and the International Permaculture Day 2023 marked a milestone as members united to celebrate the movement.

Our Values:
Guided by the principles of Permaculture Design, we embrace earth care, people care, and fair share as the cornerstones of our approach.
Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond theory – it’s woven into the very fabric of our community.

Setting Ourselves Apart:
Nestled in the heart of Costa Rica, Gavilana Permaculture draws strength from our unique location.
As stewards of a region intertwined with tourism, we aim to challenge conventional notions of sustainability. By sharing our projects and practices, we invite visitors to reevaluate their impact on the environment and explore new perspectives on living harmoniously with nature.

Our Vision for the Future:
Our journey is ongoing, and our aspirations are boundless.
With a focus on resilience and economic empowerment, we aim to strengthen our team and leverage our abundant renewable resources, including the rich biodiversity of Costa Rica. By fortifying ourselves individually and collectively, we aim to thrive regardless of external challenges.

Join Us:
Our logo proudly proclaims
“My goal is a happy, healthy, and lucky permaculture community.”
We invite you to be a part of this vision – whether you’re an enthusiast, a practitioner, or someone looking to embark on a sustainable journey.
Connect with us, share your projects, and let’s co-create a future that nurtures the earth and its inhabitants.

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