Coletane Billings
Born in Johannesburg, South Africa
In Arenal area of Costa Rica since 2021

I overcame stage 4 cancer (brain tumour) in 2002 and have since been following the path of my calling, being a traditional healer.

I have been practicing natural living for over 2 decades. Prior to that, going back to my childhood, I was taught from a young age how to work with the earth. I knew how to read by age 4, my reading materials were medical books (my father wanted me to be a medical doctor) but the path of healing is where my true calling lay.
So the miracle of life is my passion. I am a healer and a guide to whomever is drawn to be served by myself. 

Here, in El Castillo, I have been offering services as Temazcal/Sweat Lodge leader and also instinctive guidance in teaching my fellow brethren to heal themselves, through my Ionic Foot Detox therapy.  relearning how to live naturally. I have led individuals and groups through internal cleanses and nutritional programs to heal their gut and reset their bodies to the way their system was designed originally.