Ancestors Used Permaculture Principles

Did our ancestor practiced Permaculture ?

Ancient technique using flowing water

Permaculture, as a formal term and concept, was developed in the 1970s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Australia. However, many indigenous cultures and traditional farming practices around the world have incorporated principles that align with permaculture principles for thousands of years.

Forests are venerated as sacred spaces

For example, many indigenous communities in the Americas, Africa, and Asia have practiced agroforestry, which is the intentional integration of trees into agriculture, for centuries. They have also used techniques such as crop rotation, natural pest control, and soil conservation to maintain the fertility of the land.

Similarly, traditional farmers in Europe, such as those in medieval times, practiced crop rotation, intercropping, and other methods to maximize the use of available resources and increase yields.

Take some, leave some…

Therefore, it is likely that our ancestors, especially those who relied on subsistence agriculture, practiced principles that align with permaculture, although they may not have used the term itself.

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