Insect Technology

Imagine a baby growing in a span of few weeks to the size of a hump back whale. I know it sounds insane. Apparently, that’s the case though with the specie called somewhat contraversialy “black soldier fly”.

The pioneers of growing this insect in El Castillo are Walter,

… and Adrian.

Together they are perfecting the cultivation of black soldier fly, scientific name

The insect is neither pest or vector, it grows extremely fast, feeds on just about any refuse and can be fed to any animal protein digesting organism, yes including pets, dogs, birds, cats and also pigs, fish, chickens, lizards, other insects, etc.

The very rate of growth is making it a very profitable organism to create symbiosis with, especially if you live next to La Ventanita and can use their leftovers that would end up in a land fill otherwise.

Big thanks for sharing with us their time and their vision today Walter, Adrian and few thousands of BSFL.

You never know which species will become the focus of your cultivation.

Your ideas, questions and inquiries are all appreciated.