Is Being Sustainable Same As Voting for Peace?

Sustainability & Peace Go Hand in Hand.

The quote “peace is not possible without sustainability and sustainability is not possible without peace” was said by Willy Brandt, former Chancellor of West Germany and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, in his speech to the United Nations on January 10, 1983.

The same quote has also been attributed to the former President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias. Arias is a well-known environmentalist and advocate for sustainable development, and he has used this quote in several of his speeches and writings on the topic.

No wonder Costa Rica is a Permaculture center of the region. Promoting peace is promoting sustainability.

The quote highlights the close relationship between peace and sustainability.

On the one hand, peace is essential for sustainability because without peace, it is difficult to achieve and maintain the conditions necessary for sustainable development, such as social stability, economic growth, and environmental protection. For example, in areas affected by conflict, it is often difficult to develop sustainable agriculture, manage natural resources, or invest in renewable energy, because the insecurity and violence make it too risky or too expensive.

On the other hand, sustainability is also essential for peace because unsustainable practices, such as overexploitation of natural resources, environmental degradation, and climate change, can lead to conflicts over resources, displacement of people, and increased poverty and inequality, which can fuel social unrest and violence. Therefore, promoting sustainability is an important way to prevent conflicts and promote peace.

Overall, the quote suggests that peace and sustainability are interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and that promoting both of them is essential for creating a better future for all.

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