Solstice Underdose

“So, in the end, I have brewed a Solstice dose so if you change your mind you can come pick it up and have a solo session…”

My heart went thud. Now I have to, no way to refuse. 

Freshly harvested Golden Teacher.

I must confess I hate hallucinogens (I have plenty of “hallucinations” in my art), unless a double-high dose when you tap into your prenatal, deep tissue, genetic memory, etc 

Just as I feared, the dose was subthreshold so I did not break on through to the other side. I did not want to do any navigation so as I can report to the grower on the quality of the substance, so for 4 hours I was being “entertained” by hallucinations of noisy children (not unlike the children scenes in Apocalypse Now), dogs and insects all around me and mainly below me as I was levitating. 

“I intended Mystical Light, Golden Teacher pleeeeease!”


This is your teaching? After all, you are an annoying witch as I always say huh?

The whole next day I was drained as I did not achieve my psychedelic org*sm, yet the morning after, about 30 hours after the experience, during my Yoga Nidra for Removing the Mask, a breakthrough! More in the video

And last but not least, I’m learning subsurface scattering to use the Jewel in the Lotus in my 3D art compositions, stay tuned 😉

Jewel in the Lotus – tantra bible pdf

Your ideas, questions and inquiries are all appreciated.