What Will Happen Regardless?

Layer one bacteria and fungus. Layer two and three, flora and fauna. You are fauna.

There is one out standing  aspect of Permaculture which often creates the new convert. Meet Ecological Succession, the process which happens and will happen regardless of nearly anything.

Ecological succession is the process by which the mix of species and habitat in an area changes over time into more complex systems. Gradually, these communities replace one another until a “climax community”—like a mature forest—is reached, or until a disturbance, like a fire, occurs. Ecological succession is a fundamental concept in ecology.

It’s not difficult to notice Ecological Succession for one self, yet most fail to see the continuous end result of this phenomena – Soil.

All ecosystem grow in a way which protects the soil they produce – and depend on. Since all ecological succesions are mainly fuelled by solar energy via photosynthesis, then soil in any given landscape will be the reflection of the synthesizing labor of its plants, past and present. Soil is the fat of the land which happens regardless.

It happens in spite of dysfunctional civilization models (BTW ignoring soil is what makes them disfunctional). It happens regardless of you as well but you can help to accelerate the process significantly. Yet the big secret Permuculture exposes is that not only helping to accelerate it is possible, it’s easy! It’s easy because it’s literally the entire universe’s goal. I know it’s big, it’s bigger than instituted religion if you ask me. So it happens that anyone who will pile up a compost will be taping into the power of our star as they will have collected the soil produced as a result of the composting effort.

To conclude, folks we are rich as long as we grow our food, medicin and material in a way that allows for soil production and protection.

For someone having no resource, this is a life jacket. A community with ecological economy is destined to flourish.

Your ideas, questions and inquiries are all appreciated.