La Muricata Farm Tour

Authentic, high value event, super host, educational, private tour, great for families.

Anybody visiting Arenal region in Costa Rica fascinated by Permaculture Design will appreciate Farm Tour La Muricata, hosted by Rodolfo and Anna.

Situated off the beaten path, close to Nuevo Arenal its within one hour travel from either El Castillo or La Fortuna. Come in 4W drive.

Set up your visit in advance and make sure you are not in a hurry.

Besides educational tour on Permaculture lifestyle you may be lucky to be offered hand made products.

Made with plants grown on the farm.

Side note, Rodolfo is an excellent cook, if you are offered a tour version with a lunch take it!

If you think you can travel Costa Rica hopping from one farm to another, you’re right. Let me know know your favorites!

Off the grid farm La Muricata

Your ideas, questions and inquiries are all appreciated.