Generations of Artisans: Crafting Value, Culture & Sustainability in Costa Rica’s Monteverde – Arenal – La Fortuna Region

Available in Cabinas Tucanes in El Castillo, Costa Rica


Nestled in the lush mountains of Costa Rica’s Monteverde region, a remarkable story unfolds. It’s a story of three generations of women—Gladys, Maritza, and Esmeralda—alongside their cousin Fanier. Their tale embodies the essence of resilience, culture, and sustainability, all intricately woven into the fabric of artisanal craftsmanship.


For generations, this family has called the Monteverde region home. Here, amidst the natural wonders of Lake Arenal and the town of El Castillo, they’ve cultivated a deep connection with the environment. Originally hailing from the nearby Monteverde mountains, they’ve brought with them a tradition rooted in self-sufficiency and a profound knowledge of nature’s bounty.

The Artisan Craft:

What sets this family apart is their artistry in crocheting and macrame. Their creations, from bags to adornments, bear intricate designs inspired by the natural world. Birds, landscapes, plants, and animals—all find a place in their craft. Each piece tells a story, a testament to their attunement with the environment.

Resilience and Tradition:

These artisans are masters of resilience, capable of thriving in isolated mountain settings. They’ve harnessed the power of nature, using plants for sustenance and medicine to care for loved ones, including their animals. This tradition of self-reliance runs deep within them, passed down through the generations.

Community and Family:

Fanier, the cousin, contributes her own artisanal products to the family tradition. Her work is a blend of utility and beauty, just like theirs. Beyond crafting, she paints stunning landscapes and is deeply involved in the community, engaging in charitable initiatives and advocating for animal welfare. Fanier’s children have also ventured out, with one becoming a teacher and another opening a small business, all while benefiting from the strong upbringing Fanier provided.


The story of Gladys, Maritza, Esmeralda, and Fanier resonates deeply with the principles of permaculture. Their ability to create value, culture, and sustainability without relying on industrial and corporate systems is a testament to the power of community-driven artisanal production. As you contemplate their journey, you’re invited to appreciate not only the handmade, nature-inspired crafts but also the unique culture of Monteverde.

In a world dominated by mass production and relentless consumerism, their story serves as a shining example of how tradition, resilience, and artistry can thrive, creating value where it’s least expected.

The next time you seek a meaningful souvenir or a glimpse into a way of life harmonized with nature, consider the artisans of Monteverde. Their work is not just a product; it’s a piece of culture, a slice of sustainability, and a brushstroke on the canvas of Costa Rica’s rich heritage.

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