In the heart of El Castillo, where the equatorial sun doesn’t hold back, two trees have become unsung heroes, making life a bit cooler and a lot more colorful. The almond tree, with its no-fuss attitude, does a stellar job at shading the town’s scalding asphalt and sunlit roofs. Easy to keep and not demanding much attention, it’s like the laid-back neighbor who makes everything better without making a fuss.


Imagine strolling down a dusty or paved sunlit road and finding an almond tree, its branches creating a natural sunblock that turns the once blazing streets into pleasantly shaded paths. The town, once at the mercy of the equatorial heat, now enjoys a more bearable existence, thanks to these unassuming green guardians and many more are needed.

Ready for more canopy.
Notice the yellow canopy of Saragundí above the car.

Then there’s the Saragundí, a burst of golden yellow that blooms from November to April, making El Castillo a living canvas. Though not your everyday patio plant, it attracts a lively crowd of bees, colibríes, and other visitors. Planted by the street, it’s like the local floral showstopper, turning the sidewalk into a runway for nature’s own fashion display.


In a town where simplicity is survival, these trees fit right in. The almond tree stands tall but not towering, offering practical relief without stealing the spotlight. The Saragundí adds a touch of vibrant elegance, turning the streets into a lively palette of color. Together, these trees turn El Castillo’s sunlit struggles into a testament of how a bit of shade and a splash of color can make all the difference in a town’s daily rhythm.

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