54 years young, born in Prague, Bohemia.

Instructor of 1-day Yoga, OSHO meditation, Shamanic Journey intensives.
Visual artist, photographer, VJ, NFT, VR cinematographer, startup founder.
Since 1987 he has been practicing various methods of self-discovery.
Seeks symbiosis between body and spirit, between bodies, between spirits. 
Webmaster of Gavilana website.


We will practice various Yogic,
OSHO meditation and
Shamanic techniques
I have integrated on my journey
since 1987, 
tailored to your experience and condition as agreed. 

Donation $300 (crypto welcome) includes:
6 one-hour sessions of the said
Private room + bathroom
Plant-based brunch
Tea, smoothies
Nuts, fruits

 Beginners and couples welcome

 Optional microdosing

 At a meditation center at an edge of
El Castillo, Costa Rica
with a volcano view

Initial consultation required
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me please

Come spend your Me Day with my support!
I’d love to share with you the treasures I have collected on my adventure of self-discovery.
Let’s make intuitive decisions on which and how we practice the techniques below as we dive deeper into the ocean of expanded consciousness of body and spirit. 

The well-tested suggested program
We begin at 6 just before the Sunrise with coffee or tea, then do some decompression/catharsis/grounding. Next we find the correct head position, practice a wonderful Kundalini Yoga warm-up with Breath of Fire and Ego Eradicator, then some Tantric exercises to open the chest and heart, a little bit of face yoga, and the last is Yoga Nidra – deeeep relax.
One of the OSHO dynamic meditations follows, and then we dive into The Cave of Inner Light where we cleanse and recharge, and continue to The Valley of Imagination, an old shamanic technique with endless variables, see below.
Then we prepare an intuitive conscious plant-based brunch followed by a siesta with an option to walk to a wonderful mirador, listen to some recommended talks/music, or just chill out.
In the afternoon we begin sharing and reflecting. We then repeat the same yoga incorporating more advanced concentration and breathing,, another OSHO, and then dive deeper on the Shamanic Journey to explore further horizons of the body-spirit-universe symbiosis.

At a new meditation center just at the edge of the jungle, overlooking the El Castillo valley with the majestic volcano queen.

(links open in a new tab) — Yoga You’ll learn a set of simple exercises you can practice and combine in your life either to keep fit, or more meditative deeper work, or even as tantric ignition of Kundalini. In other words, you can do the same exercise in different ways depending on your intention or intuition. We’ll do exercises from: Power Yoga (conscious workout) Kundalini Yoga (energy) Mantras (intellect, vibration) Nada Yoga (voice) Yoga Nidra (relax) Tantra (ecstasy)

OSHO Active Meditations Something that has been keeping me sane since the early 90’s, my favorites are: Dynamic (morning) Kundalini (evening) Chakra Sounds (toning) Nadabrahma (humming) Nataraj (dancing) Gibberish (catharsis)

Shamanic techniques: Some I have learned from the elders, some came to me during guiding: Cave of Inner Light Valley of Imagination House of Time Relive the Evolution of Life/Universe Power Animal Parallel Timelines Soul Tribe City of Utopia —


An excursion to a permaculture forest with Gavilana’s Tomasito.

Microdosing of sacred medicine you bring with you (I can recommend a shop/local grower).

Larger groups and/or a venue of your choice, upon agreement.

Use the Power of Vision, brainstorming, and your Intention for the day, life, or your project/art.

Cut the day into two half-days if needed.

Disclaimer: No medical or therapeutic advice shall be provided and current safety measures followed.

Note: I am no teacher, guru, or shaman. Just passing on what has been working for me and my clients.

What has formed and inspired me
(and I lecture on) since 1987?
– Communist prison
– Gemini w. Scorpio Ascendant, Mercury opposing Neptune
– The Celestine Prophecy
– Holotropic breathwork (Stan Grof)
– Hundreds of OSHO meditations
– Silva Method™
– 15 years of psychoanalysis
– 18-months´ “Big Journey” – Brooklyn, NY and Venice Beach, CA
Rave parties
– 3 years of theater acting
– Years of professional photography
– 20 years of teaching, translating, interpreting Czech-English, mostly in an aircraft corporation
– 3 CD’s of own music
– 2 divorces
– Certified Theta Healer™
– Over a hundred high-dose medicinal sessions
Psychedelic Tantra
– Mind of Terence McKenna
– 9 solo exhibitions of fine art
– 100+ VJing performances
– Black holes in the holographic universe
– Humor
– Developing interactive animation apps 
Virtual Reality
– Visions of Utopia
– web3, blockchain, NFT
– Plant-based intuitive diet
– Intermittent fasting
– Christ consciousness
– 10-year old daughter, Light of my life

Golden Shakti, one my latest
Golden Shakti remix Nov 19, 22

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