Tomas “Tomasito”
47 years old
Born in Czechia

Coauthor and host of Gavilana Permaculture Excursion. Member of the Gavilana property management team. His favorite fields are fungi and bamboo cultivation, food, drinks and fertilizer fermentation. Resident of El Castillo with his wife Hannah and son Noah.

The Gavilana Permaculture Excursion caters to those who are new to permaculture.
It is an introduction to the idea of smart landscape design, and biodiversity as an overlooked readily available “super power” for everyone.

The excursion takes 1+ hour, and can be reserved at 9am or 4pm. We ask that you reserve 48 h in advance.
Our offer is admission free, however we accept donations.

There is a venture throughout the garden to identify plants and discuss their uses.
Long sleeves, pants, hiking boots and water are recommended, repellant is optional.

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